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  2. Cooking tea house, Utage

Cooking tea house, Utage

Cooking tea house, Utage

Tokiwa En restaurant Utage which is located on Tokiwa En third floor Utage is placed a distance from the bustling banquet hall, to produce a space of Calm.

There is a private room venue and table space recommended for people who prefer quiet seats.

  • Utage(Utage)entrance
  • Tablespace(30 seats)
  • Private room venue
    Asunaro no Ma, Ichii no Ma, Sendan no Ma, Icho no Ma, Mokuren no Ma, Keyaki no Ma,
    Katsura no Ma 11 different forms (partial use) of Katsura no Ma, Kaya no Ma, Kaya no Ma
    There is a venue.     ※The image is a digging type private room
  • We will use it in a high seat chair.

Cooking tea house, Floor Map