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  2. Facility usage rules

Facility usage rules

  • In order for our customers to use this facility safely and comfortably, we have established the following usage rules based on Article 10 of the Accommodation Contract, and we ask for your cooperation.
    If you do not comply, we will be forced to refuse your accommodation or use of the facilities in this facility, and in some cases you may be liable for damages, so please be especially careful.

    ■Matters to be observed for fire prevention
    1. Please refrain from smoking in places that are likely to cause a fire (sleeping cigarettes, walking in this facility).
    2. Please do not bring firearms and irons for heating and cooking into the guest room.
    3. Please refrain from other acts that may cause a fire.

    ■Matters to be observed for security
    1. Please check the lock on the section that comes out of your room during your stay.
    2. When you go out of the building, please leave your key at the front desk.
    3. Please refrain from meeting with visitors in the guest room.
      Please use the lobby or lounge for visits.
    4. Please refrain from mischief of firefighting equipment as it will hinder the maintenance of safety.

    ■Handling of valuables, stored items and lost items
    1. The safe in the guest room is provided for your convenience, but it is a simple one, so please be sure to leave the key to the front desk for cash and valuables to prevent accidents.
    2. Please note that we will not be able to compensate for any damages caused by loss or damage without depositing cash, valuables, etc. during your stay at the front desk.

    ■About payment
    1. Please present your guest room key when using the bar in the facility with a signature.
      We do not accept advance payments for tickets, taxis, stamps, shipping charges, etc. for various vehicles.
    2. Please understand that we may ask for a deposit upon arrival due to circumstances.

    ■Other matters to be observed
    1. Regardless of your occupation, we do not allow anyone with tattoos or tattoos (including stickers) to use the public bath.
    2. Anything that may disturb other guests, dogs, cats, small birds or other animals in this facility.
      Please refrain from bringing in ignitable or flammable items, items that emit a foul odor, or other items that are prohibited by law.
    3. Please do not make loud voices, singing songs, noisy acts, blows, morals, acts that disturb public order, or words or actions that disturb other customers in this facility.
    4. Please do not use the guest rooms, lobby, etc. for other purposes such as business activities (exhibition, advertisement, promotion, sale, etc.) without the permission of this facility.
    5. Please refrain from significantly changing the current status of facilities and equipment in this facility, or using it for any other purpose.
    6. Please do not display or leave items on the window side of the guest room, on the balcony, in the corridor, or in the lobby.
    7. Be sure to stop the hot water supply after using the bath or washroom.
      Please note that if you let it overflow, the next room and basement may be damaged.
    8. Please refrain from entering the museum with clogs, rubber boots, etc.
    9. Please understand that we do not allow minors to stay without the permission of their parents.
    10. We ask for your cooperation in saving electricity and water in order to use energy carefully.