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About GoTo Travel Campaign

  • Qusui Hotel Gyokusen Gyokusen is now eligible for the GoTo Travel Campaign.
    If you make a reservation from the official website of the hotel, you need to issue a coupon separately from the reservation to apply the GoTo Travel Campaign.
    After making a reservation, please go to STAYNAVI and issue a coupon.
    You can get a discount by bringing a "coupon ticket" that you print or take with your smartphone on the day of your stay.

    【Procedure for issuing discount coupons】
    1. Move to STAY NAVI ※You can move to STAY NAVI from the reservation completion screen or reservation confirmation email.
    2. From the STAYNVI TOP page, go to "Persons with reservations (Apply for discount)"
    3.STAY NAVI membership registration(Enter your email address for temporary registration to enter main registration)
    4. Enter required information from My Page and issue coupon
    5. Bring the coupon issued on the day(You may be asked to show your ID)

    ※STAYNAVI is a system that issues and manages coupons for GoTo travel campaigns, and the operator "Piato Corporation" has been approved as a third-party organization for this campaign.

    The accommodation period is supposed to be around the end of January next year, but will end as soon as it runs out.
    We recommend making an early reservation.

    At our inn, "phone reservation" and "reservation from the official website" are discounted.
    ●The discount for the GoTo Travel Campaign is only for local settlement customers.
    (Advance internet and credit card payments are not eligible)
    ●[Completing the reservation alone is not a discount for the GoTo Travel Campaign.】
    Therefore, we ask our customers to respond as follows.
    Please read it and check it.

When making a reservation on the official website

  • ② Please confirm the reservation information from the reservation completion screen

    Please enter your reservation information in STAY NAVI later.
    We recommend that you take a screenshot of the screen or take a picture and save it.
  • ④ Please register as a member of STAY NAVI to issue discount coupons.

    If you register your email address, it will be a temporary registration.
    You can make a main registration from the email sent to the email address you registered.
  • (5) Coupon ticket Please select an accommodation facility from this issue page and fill in the entry field.

    Information such as check-in date, check-out date, reservation number, name of representative, number of guests, reservation amount (tax included) is required.
  • ⑥ Please present the coupon screen to the front desk at check-in

    If the message "I have issued the coupon ticket is complete" is displayed on the screen
    When you press the blue button "Confirm coupon", the coupon screen will be displayed.
    ※Please save the screen shot or print it and bring it with you.
    ※Payment is made by discounting the coupon amount.

For the reservations by phone(If you do not have a computer or smartphone)

  • ① At the time of reservation

    ※Please be sure to tell us when you make a reservation that you would like to take advantage of the discount on the Go To Travel Campaign.
    ※If you do not request, the discount will not be applied.
    ※Please be sure to contact the inn if any changes are required.
  • ② Discount application

    The inn will apply for the discount.
  • ③ At check-in

    Please sign the "Go To Travel Discount Request Confirmation Form" presented by the property.
    *If you do not sign the "Go To Travel Discount Request Confirmation", the discount will not be applied.