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Measures to prevent infection spread

《Latest edition》

To provide you with a peace of mind

  • While the effects of the new coronavirus are expected to be prolonged, Hotel Gyokusen strives to prevent the spread of infection and gives top priority to everyone's peace of mind.
    Therefore, considering "hygiene management" and "3 dense avoidance" as an axis, "a closed space with poor ventilation" announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "a dense place where people gather and spend", "unspecified number of people contact We will thoroughly implement the following measures as a service standard at Hotel Gyokusen, which is "3.
    Regarding the new hygiene control measures for coronavirus infection
    As part of measures against infection by the new coronavirus, Hotel Gyokusen takes the following measures in consideration of the health and public health of our customers.

    ■Temperature measurement at check-in
     We ask all customers to complete the thermometry and health check sheet.
     If you have a fever, etc., we may refrain from staying according to the instructions of the public health center.
    ■Periodically disinfect and sterilize the facility, elevators, vending machines, etc.
     In the guest room cleaning (door knobs, remote controls, switches, etc.), we thoroughly disinfect and sterilize.
    ■Installation of disinfecting alcohol at various places in this facility
    ■Wearing a mask during customer service at the facility
    ■Thorough management of staff health and hygiene(Temperature measurement and record confirmation before coming to work)

    ≪Specific measures≫
    【To everyone arriving by car】
    ·For the time being, we will refrain from the car movement service by the staff at arrival / departure
     I will.The staff will guide you to the parking location.

    【Check In】
    ·Acrylic boards are installed at the front counter to prevent “splash infection”.
    ·To avoid congestion at the front counter, we will hand out numbered tickets at check-in.
     You may be required to wait on the lobby sofa upon arrival.

    【Guidance to the room】
    ·For the time being, we will refrain from passengers and staff riding in the elevator.
    ·Neighboring area guides have been removed from the room for a while.
     If you wish, we will inform you at the front desk.Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    ·For meals, we will provide some menus in advance in order to avoid closed rooms and prepare a private space.
    ·We use both private rooms and food at the dining venue (banquet hall).
     For the time being, we will not provide room meal service.
    ·In order to limit the number of times the staff can enter the room, we may serve dishes at once, refraining from later dishes.

    ·It is basically a "buffet" format in the banquet hall.
    ·Please be careful to wear a mask except when eating and to wear gloves when cooking.
    ※Depending on the situation, we may change to "Japanese set meal" without notice.

    【Large Communal Bath】
    ·We operate a sauna, but please understand that there are restrictions on the number of people and requests to our customers.
    ·Bathing may be restricted to avoid congestion.
    ·Disinfect and sterilize every hour."Undressing basket,Hairdryer,door knob,Dressing room floor,amenities"
    ·Please refrain from loud conversations.
    ·Please wear a mask when moving to the public bath or after taking a bath.

    【In-house event】
    ·Yasugi-bushi folk song show may be canceled.

    At this facility, we take thorough measures against the new coronavirus so that our customers and staff can spend their time safely and securely.
    We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the provision of services that are different from usual.