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  2. History of Hotel Gyokusen

History of Hotel Gyokusen

  • History of Hotel Gyokusen ~ 50 years of progress ~
1965(Showa 40 years)November 15●Hotel Gyokusen, Open sales
Site 2017 pyeong, 27 rooms, Capacity 120 people, Great(182 square meters)
Banquet rooms(40 seats), Large Communal Bath(Man·woman), stand, A dining room, shop
●Acquisition of second annex
1966(Showa 41)February●Joined Tamatsukuri Hot Springs Ryokan Cooperative
          April●Member of the Japan Tourism Federation
          September●Hotel Gyokusen Osaka Information of Direct management opened
          October●International Tourism Federation
1967(Showa 42 years)October●Extensive large bathhouse completed Oiwa bath(206 tsubo)
1968(Showa 43 years)March●Completed construction, Wooden 2 stories, 4 rooms, Capacity 14 people, Medium hall(98 square meters)
          April●Government registration International Tourism Ryokan approval(No. 880)
          July●Signing contract for hot spring hot water supply
          October●Hot water construction completed
1969(Showa 44 years)February●Ballroom expansion completed (200 square meters → extended to 209 square meters)
          April●Shinwaen To(First period)Completion, Wooden 2 stories, 6 rooms, Capacity 30 people
          November●Hotel Gyokusen Tokyo Information of Direct management opened
1970(Showa 45)December●Hotel Gyokusen 5th anniversary commemoration ceremony
1971(Showa 46)March●Shinwaen To(Second phase)Completion, Wooden 2 stories, 4 rooms, Capacity 20 people
          August●Main building lobby Renovation completed
1972(Showa 47)March●Land acquisition for facility expansion(1147 pyeong)
          April●Tokiwa En Building(First period)Completion, Steel concrete construction 3 stories, 8 rooms, Capacity 40 people
          May●Garden expansion completed
1973(Showa 48)July●Swimming pool completed
●Completion of Company domitory "A home for mothers and children", 8 rooms
          October●Tokiwa En(Second phase)Completion, Steel concrete construction 3 stories, 4 rooms, Capacity 20 people
          December●Fukuju-so(Banquet Hall)Completion
1974(Showa 49 years)September●Tokiwa En(The third term)Completion, Steel concrete construction 3 stories
4 rooms, Capacity 23 people, A dining room, Games room
1975(Showa 50)July●Company acquisition(Manager's place)
          December●Hotel Gyokusen 10th anniversary commemoration ceremony
1976(Showa 51 years)January●Selected Top 100 Japanese Ryokan Selected by Professionals"Top 100 Japanese Ryokan Selected by Professionals"
          October●Hotel Gyokusen Osaka Information of Direct management I renamed Hotel Gyokusen Osaka Information of Direct management to Osaka Sales Office
●Hotel Gyokusen Tokyo Information of Direct management changed to Tokyo Sales Office
          November●Excellent facility of foodhealth in Hotel Gyokusen received First prize of Minister of Health and Welfare of First prize of Minister of Health and Welfare, First prize of Minister of Health and Welfare as Excellent facility of foodhealth in Hotel Gyokusen
1977(Showa 52 years)April●Users exceed 500,000
1978(Showa 53 years)April●Men's Public Bath, lobby, Front desk renovation work is completed
1980(Showa 55 years)June●Tour operator(Fukuju-so)Relocation
          September●Completion of Mythology En New Building building, Steel concrete structure, B1F, 4 stories, 9 rooms, Capacity: 45
1981(Showa era 56)September●Shin Sengen hot water from Shinmon spring
1982(Showa 57)March●Tour operator(Fukuju-so)transfer
●Fire protection facility, Maruteki mark (certification as a reliable hotel) delivery
          August●Completion of Convention Hall "Ekaede-kaku"(Wadai Ballroom)
1983(Showa 58)August●Hotel Gyokusen Onna-Kunibiki-Taiko formation
1984(Showa 59)April●Women's college bath repair work completed
1985(Showa 60 years)March●Shop extension, Lounge Omoto(Omoto)Installation completed
          April●Main building building rooms, Banquet room renovation construction completed
          May●Breakthrough 1 million customers
          June●Hotel Gyokusen, Ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of foundation
1986(Showa 61)●Completion of Rakuten Ro, 5 stories reinforced bar, Banquet Hall(Kotobuki-no-ma·Hakusen-no-ma), 24 rooms
●Relocate the freezing room in the kitchen, expand the cooking chamber
1987(Showa era 62)March●Ladies' Big Bath Construction Movement, Bathroom 38 tsubo·Dressing room 38 tsubo·Hallway 6 tsubo·Total 82 tsubo
          July●Men's Great Bathhouse Renovation completed (Former Women's Bath House integrated with Men's Public Bath)
1988(Showa era 63)October●Completion of employee dormitory
1991(Heisei (time period) 3)●Over 1.5 million passengers
1992(Heisei (time period) 1992), June●Construction of the Shinwa-en, steel frame concrete 7 stories (to the present)
60 rooms(12 Western-style Western-style rooms), Capacity 271, Big party·Kunibiki-no-ma·kitchen, Cooking automatic transfer machine
〇The entire facility is called "Liveliness of gods" and names of guest rooms, banquet rooms, etc. are prefectural women's junior colleges
Thanks to the guidance of Professor Fujioka Ohisaki, the names of myths derived from myths, ruins, ancient tombs, things, shrines and mountains
Selected from the Izumo no kuni fudoki (topography of Izumo province) culture
1994(Heisei (time period) 1994), April●Land acquisition for entrance road expansion
          June●Completion of the Company domitory "Rest Hills"
1995(Heisei (time period) 7)November●Hotel Gyokusen 30th anniversary celebration ceremony
1998(Heisei (time period) 100)May●Second stage construction "Tokiwa En" "Bathroom building" increased and renovated
          December●New Buthroom Building "Kanbe-no-yudono" completed, 350 pyeong
〇Izumo Mythology accordance with the Izumo Mythology, it is named "Kanbe-no-yudono"
Change the specification as Iwa-no-yu Hinoki-no-yu, it was to be able to bathe in the evening, morning shift
the year of 2000(Heisei (time period) 12)April●Grand opening as Hotel Gyokusen
123 rooms, Capacity 700 people
Tokiwa En, 7 stories above ground
On the first floor is a shop, salon, karaoke room with a focus on the lobby "Lounge Tsuchibue"
Izakaya, game center, etc. are established
2002(Heisei (time period) 14)February●Over 2.5 million passengers by customers
2007(Heisei (time period) 2007)March●Over 3 million passengers
2012(Heisei (time period) 24)August●Over 3.5 million visitors
2015(Heisei (time period) 27)Founding 50 years to come