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  2. Result announcement!

Result announcement!

  • I kept you waiting very much! "Instagram photo posted campaign at the Hotel Gyokusen official Instagram Is the result announcement.
    Thank you very much for everyone who applied.So, it is a result announcement immediately!
  • Hotel Gyokusen Prize! , 1 person

    Stunning Hotel Gyokusen Prize Winner···
    Congratulations @ pipipipimaman!
    In the lobby of the hotel, with a backdrop of Yamatano-orochi back,
    It is reproduced splendidly where you swing your sword with erosion!
    Hotel Gyokusen pair pair lodging venue!
  • No 1 nice award! 1 person

    By campaign end date 239 ♡ Like! It was
    @ koma ____ 2 Congratulations on choosing the Hotel Gyokusen Iron Collagen Towel!
  • Thank you very much for receiving a lot of entries at Hotel Gyokusen Summer 's Instagramgram Campaign 2018!
    This time, it was the first campaign on Instagram, but I received a nice photo. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it very much and the staff is very happy, I feel happy.
    And congratulations to all the winners.
    Please wait for a while so we will contact you soon from the staff.
    Everyone's favorite! And the message is the encouragement of our staff.
    Grateful for your daily patronage! "Thank you very much! "
    We will continue to carry out various projects in the future, so please do not hesitate to contact us.