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Job Information

Hotel Gyokusen, Job offer·Job Information

  • Hotel Gyokusen Gyokusen is an affiliated accommodation facility that plays a part in the JA Kyosai business, which has high public interest as a group company of JA Kyosai (National Mutual Insurance Federation Agricultural Cooperatives)
    The hotel has various kinds of jobs / operations.If you continue to think about "what to do to provide better accommodation services" in any job, you will have the double joy of "customer's smile" and "grown yourself". increase.

Recruitment positions

  • 1. 1. full-time employee
    (1) Food and beverage service staff
    (2) Facility staff(Technical / experience qualifications are a plus)
    (3) Room maintenance(Department management and experience qualifications for room cleaning work are a plus)

    2. Part-timer, long-term and short-term part-time job
    (1) Food and beverage service staff(Restaurant service)
    (2) Serving staff(Cooking, setting up, etc.)
    (3) Large communal bath staff

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding each type of job you are looking for, or if you would like to visit the workplace.
    In addition, if you would like to find a job based on your experience other than these occupations, we will ask you.

【Contact information】 

  • Hotel Gyokusen General Affairs Department General Affairs Team Kanai(No),Watanabe(Watanabe)
    TEL 0852-62-0022  Mobile 080-2931-9971
    Email job@hotel-gyokusen.co.jp