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Hotel Gyokusen, Job offer·Job Information

  • Hotel Gyokusen is responsible for part of the high public interest JA Kyosai business as a group company of JA Kyosai (National Mutual Insurance Federation Agricultural Cooperatives)
    Is a series accommodation, in Heisei (time period) November celebrated its 50th anniversary.
    The hotel has various kinds of jobs / operations.
    If you continue to have a posture to think about what tasks you should do to provide better accommodation services at any job,
    Beyond that there is a double joy of "customer's smile" and "growing self".
  • Recruitment information for new graduates in 2020

    Recruitment of new graduates in 2020【Application Requirements】

    1, Qualification requirements
       Those who are expected to graduate from high school, vocational school, junior college or university in March 2020.
      For vocational schools, junior colleges, and university graduates, those who have completed three years or less can also apply.

    2, Recruitment selection
       written examination(common sense)And interviews.

    3, Wanted jobs
      (1)Food and drink service staff<high school·Vocational school·College·University>
      (2)Front desk service staff<high school·Vocational school·College·University>
      (3)Reservation staff, "Vocational school·College·University "
      (Four)Sales planning staff, "Vocational school·College·University "
      (Five)Sales staff, "Vocational school·College·University "
      (6)Cooking staff, "high school·Vocational school·College·University "
    Wage form, Monthly salary
    Pay rise, Once a year(April)
    Bonuses paid according to business performance (previous year actual, twice a year)
    allowance, Job allowance, Meal allowance, Commuting allowance etc.
    Other, Retirement payment system(More than 3 years of service)
            Mutual aid association system(Travel Funding, Fun gold etc.)

    Social insurance, Government-controlled health insurance·Welfare pension, employment·Workers compensation insurance
    Implement health checkup, thoroughly manage health of employees through annual health checkup
    Recreation trip, for the purpose of deepening friendship among employees
    uniform, Loaned
    Employee dormitory for single use
    Employee dining room, 3 meals per day(Food cost Monthly burden 2,000 yen)