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Banquet Plan

  • Hot spring meeting plan (Limited to Weekdays, 20 people or more, Limited to 2 pairs per day)

    It is a plan recommended to those thinking of staying as a conference or reporting meeting.

    Period: 【Exclusion date】Golden Week, Obon, End of Year/Beginning of Year, Saturday, Before Holidays

    8 Benefits
    1. Conference room 3 hours service
    2. At the start of the conference, with tea / Japanese confectionery (tea is PET bottle)
    3. During the meeting 1 drink service(Coffee or juice)
      ※I will unify all of you.
    Four. Meeting fixtures included
    (Microphone·Whiteboard·screen·Landscape sign in the hall·On the ceremony·A topic)
      ※I will assist you in creating nameplate.
    5.60 days advance reservation, 1,000 yen discount for accommodation!
    6. At the time of banquet, All you can drink 120 minutes, (Liquor·beer·Shochu·Soft drink)
    7. At the time of banquet, Karaoke service
    8. Second party discount, "Karaoke room 20% discount", "Night Salon 10% discount"
       (※ The target of the second party discount is only the basic rate)
    【Application condition】
     ·This plan is available from 20 people.
     ·Limited to 2 pairs per day
     ·This plan is only for telephone reservation reception.
      Please tell us one week before the use day.
     ·Designation of rooms and dining venues is not accepted.
      Solo Traveler, 18,000 yen(consumption tax·Onsen tax·Service Fee )Included
      Solo Traveler, 14,000 yen(consumption tax·Service Fee )Included
      ※If participating in the conference only, we will calculate separately.