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Original flier, Seasonal push plan!

  • Original flier

    We have posted flyer information such as "The New Year's Day", "Crab Meal Cooking" "The Bustle of Myths"! Please also take a look!
  • Celebration cake will be prepared for celebration day with family and friends!

    To celebrate an important person, family, friends' birthday or anniversary
    Why do not you join us for a cake? ※Separate fee
  • The King of the Sanin's Winter Taste, Crab meat dinner party meal

    October 10, 2018(water)~ 31 March 2019(Day)
    1, Snow crab "Irodori Kaiseki cuisine", "Crab usage fee 2.3 sheets per serving"
    November 11, 2018(Day)~ February 28, 2019(wood)
    2, Active crutch crab "Extraordinary meeting cuisine", "Crab usage fee 2 servings per person(About 350 g per sheet)"
    December 01, 2018(soil)~ February 10, 2019(Day)
    3, Tag Included【Oki Matsuba Gani Kaiseki cuisine】≪Crab usage fee 2 servings per person(About 600 g or more per sheet)
    (Various plan exclusion dates: December 28, 2018 - January 4, 2019)

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