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About the campaign

  • About We love Sanin campaign

    ※# We love The Sanin campaign will be suspended and the Shimanekko coupons will be distributed accordingly.
    Those who have made reservations for the hotel after Monday, August 23, are kindly requested to check the contents.

Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

  • About infection spread prevention measures

    At this facility, we focus on "hygiene management" and "3 avoidance of close contact" and take measures to ensure that our customers and staff can spend peace of mind and security.
    We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding the provision of services that are different from usual.

Kagarippi's room

  • Kagarippi's room

    Hotel Gyokusen original character with the motif of garden bonfire!
    that name as well… Kagarippi!

    LINE stickers, event information, and daily blogs are being updated!
    Please take a look.

For celebration use

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  • We have limited products!

    Hotel Gyokusen Gyokusen Confection original products (Tsukudani clams, sashimi soy sauce, etc.) that can only be bought here.

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